March 2013 - At this point, we continue to propose to the City of New York in getting one or more balconies incorporated into the new parks.  To this point, the NYC Parks Department says the balconies are in storage are no decision has been made on what to do with the balconies.  We will post more information as we get it.


Below are photos of the three balconies.  This shows the condition of balconies after they came down.

Balcony A

Balcony B

Balcony C

Read the Daily News Article Below!
(click on the article to enlarge it) by Larry McShane - New York Daily News

The following letter sent to The Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium and was received on April 8, 2010 concerning the balconies that were apart of Gate 2.
We will keep everyone updated as we receive more information on this great news.

Dear Mr. Hagan,

 Thank you again for your patience while we compile the documents you requested under the Freedom of Information Law.  We will forward relevant material in the near future. 

In the meantime, we would like to thank you for forwarding images of the balconies that were retrieved from the demolition of old Yankee Stadium.  Partly in response to suggestions from the Committee of Commemorate old Yankee Stadium, we began weeks ago to explore options for salvaging these features from Gate 2.  Unfortunately, our initial conclusion was that it would not be possible to remove these elements from the stadium wall prior to the “Cut and Pull” demolition of the Gate without adding unacceptable levels of time and cost to our project.  All the same, we directed the City’s contractor to salvage these elements if possible during the deconstruction process.  We decided not to publicize this effort because it was unclear if the balconies would survive the process and we did not wish to raise false hopes.

As you now know, the three balconies survived the toppling of the wall and were set aside by the contractors. Two of the balconies sustained only minimal damage.  The third has more extensive damage.  We have inventoried these elements and will temporarily store them off-site at a Parks Department facility.

We are currently exploring the possibility of incorporating the balconies into our landscape plan for Heritage Field, where they could be identified as part of our overall package of interpretive elements.  Although no final decisions have been made, we want to be clear that we will make every effort to find appropriate locations to display these items, whether within the park, or off-site at a museum.    

We appreciate your perseverance and dedication to the commemoration of the old stadium.  Please feel free to stay in touch with us over the next few months; we will be happy to share our plans for the balconies as they develop.


Joshua Laird - New York City Parks Department



A sad day in baseball.....


This plan is no longer viable.  This link is for informational purposes only now.

The New York City Design Commission voted on and accepted the preliminary plan set
forth by the Parks Department on Monday, February 22, 2010.  The Parks Department plan does NOT
include the incorporation of Gate 2.  The current plan set forth by the Parks Department makes
a mockery of Old Yankee Stadium.  More details to follow...

This was the latest Proposal by the Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium before Gate 2 was destroyed.

The stunning images which follow were rendered by Rick Kaplan as a visual statement proclaiming the magnificent possibilities surrounding the Saving of Gate 2 at Old Yankee Stadium and the naming of the park, Old Yankee Stadium Park with Babe Ruth Memorial Field.
Note the figures were added to give scale to the renderings.

Gate 2 is nearing demolition and we need your help now!!!!

The escalator near Gate 2 was taken down.  The foundation of Gate 2 was not disturbed.
Photos Courtesy of Tom Kaminski WCBS 880 News Chopper - 1/22/2010

The CCOYS urges you today to contact the New York City Parks Department, the New York Yankees and Major League Baseball and ask them to incorporate the balconies from Gate 2 into the new design.

Gate 2 was destroyed on March 31, 2010. Only the balconies are left.  There are 3 balconies in all from Gate 2.


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