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Welcome to the page for autographed Yankee Stadium Seatbacks

Thank you to Steiner Sports for the images displayed here.  Please contact Steiner Sports to purchase many of these great artifacts, while they last!  Supplies are limited.  Go to for more information on purchasing seatbacks or many great artifacts from old Yankee Stadium.

Click below to enlarge the seatbacks featured here.  There are some great ones from Yankee Legends such as Moose Skowron, Bobby Richardson, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, John Wetteland, Bucky Dent, Mickey Rivers, Goose Gossage, and more.  If you have an autographed seatback that is from a player not featured here, please forward a photograph of the seatback with the autograph, and I will post it here along with your information giving you credit for it.


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