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Welcome to the page for Collectibles and Artifacts from the Old Yankee Stadium

I started this page so we can all share some of the great memories of the old stadium.  These were the signs and displays that we all looked at for years.  Many of the items are also from "behind the scenes" that some of us never saw.  I will work on getting descriptions of the items below as soon as I can.

Please note that I will try my best to keep updating this page as I attain more pictures.  I want to thank Steiner Sports for many of the pictures that are on this page.  Steiner Sports is the company that is in charge of the sale of many of these items.  Please contact Steiner Sports for more information.

Please note that some images look the same as there are many signs that were the same throughout the stadium.

Direction Signs


Handicapped and Disables Persons Signs


Fire Safety and Fire Equipment Signs


First Aid Signs


No Smoking Signs


Bathroom Signs


Furniture and Office Equipment


Seats, Bleachers, and Benches


Press Booth Items






Dugout Items


Locker Room Items


On-Field Items


Concession Items


Stained Glass Window Panes




Signs and Awnings Outside the Stadium


This machine came out of Yankee Stadium in 1996, many a fan played on this machine from the Pinstripe Pub circa 1980-96.


Other Items


Yankee Stadium "Stop Light" Style Ticket Sale Unit


1923 Terra Cotta Figural Panel Piece from Old Yankee Stadium



Lou Gehrig Photograph in Oak Frame


Yankee Stadium Pitching Rubber Last Used in Yankee Stadium before 1974 Remodeling.

Yankee Stadium Ticket Box

Insurance Policy from 1924

Year End General Journal Entry Sheets


1924 Insurance Policy on Lou Gehrig

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