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Yankees Coming Alive!
Injury List Grows and Grows!
Paxton, Severino, Kahnle, Heller all on IL-60.
Bullpen Struggles...Need to Get Hot!

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Babe Ruth in Color!



Photo Credit: Nick Wass/AP


Bombers Reeling

The Yankees had just gotten beat up in a three-game sweep by their divisional rivals from Tampa Bay when they turned their lonely eyes to their $324 million ace, Gerrit Cole, to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, their prized free-agent acquisition was not up to the task and had an uncharacteristically poor outing. When the dust settled, Cole had worked five full innings and surrendered five earned runs on five hits, three of which were home run shots, and the Yankees dropped a 5-1 decision to the Braves, their fourth consecutive loss.

“I just sort of liked to have pitched better,” said Cole, whose 20-game winning streak, dating to last May, came to a close. “It seemed to be a little bit feast-or-famine in terms of good command for a period of time and some bad command in some bad spots.”

“Times when I thought that they were going to be aggressive, they were patient. And times when I thought maybe I could grab some more of the zone in some situations, I made a poor pitch and they were being aggressive. It just didn't match up and they stayed about one step ahead of me too many times.”

New York is now 1 ½ games behind the Rays in the AL East standings and is a sub .500 road team as of this writing. While their performances at Yankee Stadium have reaped stellar results, they are not a serious championship contender unless they can win on the highway. Despite a somewhat disappointing first half to this truncated season, they are certainly not considered MLB underdogs by any stretch of the imagination as their roster is loaded with talent and many believe it’s only a matter of time before this 2020 Yankees edition puts it all together. 

Happ Not Happy

J.A. Happ has 17 million reasons to be unhappy about the way he has been used by manager Aaron Boone this season. You see, the 37-year-old hurler has a $17 million vesting option for next season if he makes either 27 starts or pitches 165 innings, which is prorated to 10 starts or 61 ¹/₃ innings in this abbreviated season. MLB rules prohibit purposefully manipulating a player’s usage to keep said player from his vesting option.

Happ is coming off of his best outing of the season when he held the Red Sox to one run over five-plus innings in a 4-2 Yankees victory on August 16th. But he has yet to get a start over the last 10 days and believes there might be a conspiracy afloat.

“I know I’m healthy and have been healthy and ready to pitch since what would have been [the beginning of] the regular season and since summer camp and the start of the abbreviated season,’’ Happ said. “I’ve been ready to go in all those cases with no issues.”

While ace Gerrit Cole, leads the team in starts with seven on the young season, Happ has only three starts on his 2020 resume and he’s not shy about showing his dismay. When asked about the brewing controversy, Happ stated, “You guys [in the media] are pretty smart. It doesn’t take too much to figure out, sort of, what could be going on.”

But Boone rebutted that contention when he explained, “After a four-day break, we reshuffled to prioritize getting Gerrit going and [Tanaka] after him, then the off day and then [Montgomery] and J.A. There’s a chance we even pitch Gerrit and [Tanaka] on the sixth day out of this. … With only four starters right now, you’re gonna need to make up those slots.”

In fairness to Boone, Happ has not been setting the world on fire and could be pitching himself right out of the rotation. After three starts he has logged only 12.2 innings of work and has 10 walks to six strikeouts with a bloated 6.39 ERA and a 1.58 WHIP. Probably not the best time to start complaining as a member of a championship-caliber team. 

Happ was posed with the question about the situation becoming a distraction for him on and off the field, “It’s hard to quantify an answer for that. It weighs on me to some extent, but when I come in here, I try to continue to be a good teammate and prepare to be ready and be professional and that stuff. But when I’m away [from the park], it certainly can creep in and has taken a lot of thought. … At this point, I need to leave that on the back burner and let that play out how it might.”




Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium and Gate 2







Robert John Plump Jr. Dedication (1958-2010)





Below is an amazing oil painting by Robert Stephen Simon. 
It is a huge 3 foor by 5 foot painting.  It was recently featured on Goldin Auctions and sold for over $5000. 
What an amazing piece!!!  Click on it to see it larger!


The Bambino - The Greatest Ever!


The 1996 Trophy!   My Favorite!


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NFL Week 3 Football Playoffs: Jaguars Are 3.0 Favorite Against Dolphins 

After a tough loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 2, the Jacksonville Jaguars will visit the Miami Dolphins to open the Week 3 playoffs. The Titans and the Jaguars had quite a close fight ending the game in a 33-30 score. Today, as they wrestle against the Dolphins, will the home-court advantage be a reason to slip another successful stint? 

When looking into these two team's current lines, the Jaguars are favored to win the match. Remember that these two teams are AFC South's most undervalued groups. They had not been into the league playoffs for many years, and they are looking to place and end the Divisional Rounds this season better. 

In the current 2020 NFL point spreads, the Jacksonville Jaguars are a 3.0 favorite over the Dolphins. Can the Jaguars pull-off an incredible performance knowing that they are taking the guest side against the Dolphins? Will they redeem themselves from a loss they suffered in Week 2? Let's see what their edges are. 

Dolphins Quarterback Fitzpatrick Isn't Strong Enough

During the Week 1 and Week 2 playoff, the Dolphins lost the Pats and the Bills with a huge upset. The final score was a bit too far, leading them to lose all the way. Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was the starting quarterback for the Dolphins, tried so much but has failed to deliver the team's expectations. 

Today, as the Jaguars will face them in Week 3, they might see Fitzpatrick's weakness as their opportunity to win. Knowing that the team has better men on the field like Mike Glennon (QB), Bruce Miller (RB), and Keelan Cole (WR), the Jaguars might defeat them effortlessly and head on to a better position in the league.

The Jaguars Has A More Solid Defensive Talents 

One of the reasons why the Jaguars are the favorite to win against the Dolphins in Week 3 is their tougher defensive talents. Josh Allen is known as one of the solid defensive ends in the NFL today, and the Jaguars are lucky to have him. Moreover, D.J. Hayden,  C.J. Henderson, and Dakota Allen will indeed contribute to give the Dolphins a hard time to send in a goal. 

However, this might be the biggest weakness of the Miami Dolphins. In their last matches, they haven't shown impressive defensive performance, that's why they never won. Although they have contracted new talents like Emmanuel Ogbah and Shaq Lawson during the offseason, none has produced good points yet. 

Josh Allen Can Deliver 

One of the best things that the Jaguars did in the offseason is retaining their best defensive end, Josh Allen. After attending his college at Kentucky, Allen was signed by the Jaguars in the 2019 NFL Draft as Pick No. 7 in Round 1. By the time he played as a rookie for the Jaguars, he immediately made an impact and was even awarded a PFWA All-Rookie Team in 2019. 

In the first two matches, Josh Allen has excellently performed even if they lost. He is a solid defensive end that can end the game in double digits. In their upcoming fight against the Dolphins, there is no doubt that Allen will do better. This might also be a good venue for him to showcase how well he can deliver as part of the Jaguar's defensive line. 

The Dolphins Has A Shaky Pass Rush And Defense 

Before the football reaches the goal, it should go through passing and rushing. These two skills are needed by the talents playing in the said position to score excellently. During the first two games, the Dolphins had faced big problems in the pass rush and defense since it was too shaky. 

On the other hand, the Jaguars are doing good in this department. If they can capitalize on the Dolphins' weakness, the Jaguars can have their first victory this season. The Dolphins should work double-time so they won't get scratched off in the league early. 

The Dolphins Doesn't Have A Threat Player 

Every NFL team is expected to have a superhero that can make miracles, especially in the most crucial point of the game. These players can either be in the defensive or offensive line of the team. However, it seems that the Dolphins are not seriously making a good line-up this year as they do not have a threat player to look forward to.

It is why the Jacksonville Jaguars are the favorites over the Miami Dolphins in their upcoming Week 3 matches due to a stronger roster. Although DeVante Parker is there for the Dolphins, who performed well in the last matches, his score is not enough to contain the Jaguars' biggest players. 


There is still a long way ahead for all NFL teams before they earn a league playoff spot. However, the Divisional Rounds are important because it will show how and which team they will face inches a step closer to the title. Hence, in the upcoming NFL Week 3 Playoffs, can the Jaguars slay and defeat the Dolphins in no sweat? We'll see.